Amazon, will you be my Valentine?

 Oh, Amazon, how I love thee...shall I count the ways? #1: you stock EVERYTHING (almost...) #2 your prices are usually good, if not the best #3 you carry organic and health foods that my boys can eat #4 you ship for free on most items, if you spend $25.00 #5 you SHIP TO ALASKA....oh my gosh, I am so excited. I already loved Amazon, but now they are shipping grocery and food items to Alaska. I am not quite sure when this change happened, but it’s fairly recent. Grocery and food items used to only ship to the contiguous 48-states, or down below, as us Alaskan’s call it ;) but, alas, no more. I hope I don’t make them regret this decision! I’ve already placed three orders. Spectrum’s Organic Vegetable Shortening (100% palm oil) is almost half the price of what we usually pay (& we use it a lot!) you can see why I’m excited.

These allergic adventures are by no means economical, but they are also not optional, so saving money on food is exciting. There are times when Mike and I don’t eat the boys’ food, simply because it is so expensive. Amazon is going to change this, they already have.