Always Searching

**I'm really trying not to overwhelm people with posts, but I have kind of been internet deprived. Now that we're living in our travelin' trailer (3-1/2 weeks now) I don't get wireless. I do have my awesome new Iphone, but am not sure how to post from there, so I've been typing up posts on my laptop over the past week or so and am now posting them (sorry) all at once....** The other day my mom and I were talking about Rylee’s eczema and allergies (what a surprise, this is like our daily conversation), but this time was a tad different because we were talking about how everybody has different opinions of doctors. For example, some of the doctors we have struggled with, others really love and think the world of. I think part of this is because we are always searching for something for Ry. We really don’t want to settle for the idea that he’ll eventually grow out of eczema or he’ll grow out of allergies. What if he never does?

When this journey began, we were told children often outgrow these things by two (note, our journey began around 15 months), so two sounded great. But then two rolled around and he was only getting worse. Then we were told three, well, three rolled around, and, you get the picture. The last age we were told was five and that sounds pretty far away. Actually, he has started forward progress and this has not been a result of him getting older, as some so kindly suggested. This is because, in my opinion, our constant state of searching.

If we weren’t always trying to find something to help Rylee we would never have learned about yeast overgrowth, clostridium overgrowth, LDA, supplements, etc. and this kind of scares me, especially when we’ve seen how amazing he has responded to things like treating him for yeast overgrowth. I’m so happy we found somebody in this search that understood part of what we’ve been dealing with, even though I think we started his yeast treatment a year too late (but that’s not worth dwelling on).

It also scares me because there’s a lot of other little kiddos out there that may not be getting the treatment they really need. So, a quick little plug, please kindly bring up things like allergies, yeast overgrowth, bacterial overgrowth, digestive issues, etc. when somebody says there child has eczema, but nothing else. There is so much more to it; it’s such a complicated thing that I really wish I understood. But that’s why we’re always searching because we want to learn more about it and try to get a handle on it and get as close to understanding it as possible.

One of these days our searching is going to result in some serious gold at the end of our rainbow, I'm sure of it! I think, if I can figure it out quite affordably, we may go visit family in California and also take Rylee to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor in Los Angeles, who is supposed to be amazing for children with eczema and allergies. Although we are far from rich, we feel like we at least owe it to Rylee to take him to someone that may figure his puzzling little body out. I know we’re on the right track with LDA, but I just feel like we’re still missing something with him and I have no idea what. Hmmmm, our search is on (and on, and on, and on....).

One more exciting note, before I sign off tonight, Ry has been playing outside like a ‘normal’ (whatever that means) kid the last few days- rolling around in grass, riding his bike all through the grass, fishing at the river, picking little pinecones off the alder trees and playing ‘king of the hill.’ Now, the reason all of this is so exciting is because a year ago, we couldn’t even go outside because his allergies were so bad, and if he walked through the grass, he’d welt up all over his legs. So, were doing something right, and I’m pretty sure it’s the LDA. See, searching is rewarding!!!