Allergy Testing Next Week

Starting on Monday, Ry will have his 6-month allergy check-up. He'll get the patch put on Monday, taken off Wednesday, then final results read Thursday. He will also have prick testing done on Monday. I'm hoping for smooth, easy appointments. At his last testing, in February, he did amazingly well! He listened to the doctor, sat through his testing like a superhero and his skin hardly even flared, which was a big change from previous tests. The first couple times he had the patch testing done, his skin broke out from head to toe (granted it wasn't completely clear to begin with!). I'm hoping rice can be part of his patch test. I think there are only 20 items on there, so granted you're not going to find out all your IgG allergies (a.k.a. intolerances) from this test, but it gives you a good base. I question rice because three weeks ago Ry had his 8th LDA shot. For three days, he had to be on a strict elimination diet. In the first day, before the shot, his cough was completely gone. It stayed away for a good week, then slowly returned. So we've been trying to figure out just what the cause is. At first we thought food, thinking about his diet and what he eats regularly- apples, tomatoes and rice stand out. As we tried eliminating each one without success, we decided we just may not be on the right track. The 5 days prior to LDA, he also has to be on antifungals in case there is a yeast issue (which he's had in the past). We then thought perhaps it was yeast causing the cough. So he's on diflucan again, today is day 4, but the cough is still there. It's kind of a hopeful dead-end, on the one hand we feel like we finally have something to go off of, but on the other, our ideas just aren't panning out. Ultimately, if something new showed up on the patch test, it just might give us a little more direction. It's always a guessing game and really, never to easy to figure out. The important part is trying to figure it out because if we had simply gone off of test results to treat him, we'd be sitting in a pretty bad place (so just a tiny bit of advice ;) )....happy Thursday and hopefully we'll have good results to update here in another week.