Allergy-Friendly Junk Food

We recently made a trip to Anchorage (a one-hour flight from home) for doctor's appointments. As usual, our first stop was the health food store. I was actually surprised how similar the prices were compared to home, some things were even more expensive. Often Island life is not economical, so I thought things would be noticeably less. It reminded me how accessible allergy-friendly food has become in the big box grocery stores. Just a few years ago, soy and rice milk were the only dairy-free options, and yogurt and lunch meat were off-island treats, found at a specialty store. As people become more aware of what they eat, it seems healthy, allergy-friendly options become more readily available. 

Preparing to check-out, I had to laugh at myself. A pile of junk food sat on the belt, masked by the idea that I was in a health food store and it was allergy-friendly. While a few things were actually healthy, most of it was processed with poor ingredients, so I thought it'd be fun to share. On another note, we found the Chao cheese slices pictured below, which I thought tasted great. Edible dairy-free cheese options are few and far between!