Allergic Adventures
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Our recipes

Over the past ten years, we've experimented in the kitchen countless times. Most results have been successful, some disastrous. It is also exhausting and there are times I wish I could buy a frozen pizza. But I remind myself that life with allergies does not need to limit the taste of our food and we certainly don't let it. Our meals are big on flavor and, most the time, healthy. I try to share some here, but oftentimes find the food in our mouths before getting a photo. You can find recipes by clicking the link below.


Our Story

In hindsight, it could be said our allergic adventures began in our own childhoods or perhaps our parents or even our grandparents. Stories of allergies, eczema and asthma float around our family tree and seem to have come together perfectly, manifesting a stronghold in our oldest. However, our knowledge began when our oldest turned one. Over the years, through countless hours of research, experimentation, alternative medical care, hope, exhaustion and success, we've learned a lot. It's a wealth of knowledge I'm eager to share, to help others in similar situations. Food is powerful, but knowing how to manage its impact on our bodies puts the power in our hands. You can learn more about our story by clicking the link below.