Easter Egg Dying


When it comes to Easter egg dying, we keep it pretty simple around here, but are always thoroughly satisfied with our results. This year, just like last year, we used a box of dye from the grocery store & mixed it with a little bit more vinegar than suggested, & water. The eggs, once again, […]



Holidays are always filled with mixed emotions. Food is such a central part of our daily lives & enriched into our social lives, it’s no wonder they’re stressful for those living with allergies. Whether it’s creating a ‘safe’ menu or ensuring there won’t be a risk of reaction wherever you’ll be celebrating or creating replacements […]

Halibut Curry Casserole


As kids, we used to eat a variation of this casserole quite a bit. At least I think we did…one thing I know for sure, we loved it. I’ve been meaning to make a modified version for quite awhile, and now it’s finally been done. I was a little hesitant to actually try it, only […]

Chicken Curry Salad


A long time ago, we used to eat a variation of this salad. It was one of my sister’s favorites, but I honestly don’t remember being that thrilled by it…& I have no idea why. Tonight we wanted chicken and salad, which got me thinking about this dinner. With some modifications, it became allergy-friendly for […]

Best Vegan Blueberry Muffins (dairy-free, vegan, whole wheat)


It never ceases to amaze me how easy it can be to bake tasty food egg-free. These muffins are delicious and easy to throw together. While they use banana to help hold them together, it’s hard to taste. Just the same, if you’re sensitive to the flavor, you’ll probably notice it. I haven’t tried any […]

Quick and Simple Lunch (or Dinner)


Our fridge is looking pretty bare- down to a few essentials and little produce. This doesn’t mix well with hungry kids, but with this quick and easy meal, they’re fed and happy! I chopped up a pack of jalapeño meatballs (Aidells brand, but any sausage would do), one bunch of asparagus and a few carrots. […]

Finally, the Best Yeast-Free Pizza Dough (Vegan)

I’ve made a lot of yeast-free pizza doughs in the past few years, always striving to nail it- to finally proclaim it ‘The Best!’ It’s yet to happen. I don’t usually make the same recipe twice because it tastes fine, but I want better than fine. After all, it’s pizza dough! I think we reached […]

Homemade Granola Bars


I stumbled across this recipe for granola bars recently and was surprised how easy they were to make, with a few modifications, and how tasty the end result was. They cut into 12 even slices and fit perfectly into Ry’s new PlanetBox (there’s a long, skinny compartment I’m pretty sure must be intended for granola […]

The Everydough Everything Chocolate Chip Cookie (dairy-free)


I love chocolate chip cookies. I used to make them too often, they’d always turn out soft and chewy. It was perfection. I’ve tried lots of recipes over the years, trying to find the perfect allergy-friendly recipe, but everything just comes close. For the past six months, Ry has been eating duck eggs. The protein […]

The Planetbox Lunchbox


The monotony of school lunches wears on both Mike & I. Wake up. Stumble to the kitchen. Open the fridge. Hope for leftovers. No leftovers today. Get creative. Tomorrow, repeat. Yes, I’m shining the darkest light onto school mornings, when it’s really not that bad. But it’s the repeat part, every morning, that gets to […]